"Jessica has been extremely helpful to me in so many ways!  Probably the chief among them has been her simple but intuitive questions as she listens.  Her gift for helping me process the wounds and trauma of my past and how they affect my present has been incredibly healing.  She cares, she challenges, she is down-to-earth yet very professional and insightful.  She is an enlightened witness who sees what I haven't been able to see, who understands what I could not comprehend and who articulated what I could not express. Thanks, Jessica, for helping me on the road to getting in touch with my true self!"  G. Miller



"I have been seeing Jessica on and off since 2008, for both marital and individual counseling.  She is the one therapist I have ever felt loyal to.  Her cognitive approach at the beginning of our visits has uncovered things I never put together, and they have been so helpful to me. Jessica is engaging, intelligent, sweet, and down-to-earth.  She never writes things down and strangely manages to remember everything.  She has become an integral part of my support system and always makes me feel better."  Erica

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